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Earlier figures suggesting an almost complete price recovery in the Chiswick property market have been confirmed by the latest official numbers.

Land Registry data released for the third quarter of 2009 shows that the average price of a Chiswick property was £601,488 up by 6.5% compared to last year.

Perhaps more importantly, activity in the market has picked up from the historic lows seen earlier this year. Sales volumes were up by 50% compared with the same period in 2008. Total volumes remain at half the levels seen when the market was at its most lively but estate agents now have reason to believe that the worst has passed for them.

Once again the changing mix of properties seems to be having an impact on the overall average. More detached and semi-detached properties were sold in the area than for some time. Terraced house prices in W4 are actually down by 11% over the year. Also the recovery in sales volumes for flats has been slower than other sections of the market which, in itself, tends to boost the overall average.

In the longer term a clear outperformance by houses over flats is becoming apparent with house prices generally up by over 40% over the last five years and flats rising by less than 20%.

London's annual house price change to the end of September according to the Land Registry is -3.2%, which is the sixth month in a row in which London's rate of fall has eased. The average value of a property in London is now £314,954.

Right Move's House Price index, which is based on offered prices rather than sales prices, is showing that in October in London prices were back to an all-time high. The majority of buyers are expecting more rises and only 1 in 10 expecting falls

The figures for England and Wales as a whole in September show an annual movement of -5.6%. This brings the average house price in England and Wales to £158,377. This is the fifth month in a row where the annual rate of decline has eased.

The numbers below are subject to revision as is it usual that some properties are added late to the Land Registry's database.

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September 2009 Property Sales in Chiswick

Price (£)
7, Vanbrugh Road, W4 1JB £1,005,000 30/09/2009
32, Paxton Road, W4 2QX £467,000 30/09/2009
44, Ernest Gardens, W4 3QU £510,000 30/09/2009
13, Walpole Gardens, W4 4HG £2,100,000 30/09/2009
Flat 6, 226 Broomcroft Court, Acton Lane, W4 5HU £395,000 29/09/2009
Flat 45, 1 Chiswick Green Studios, Evershed Walk, W4 5BW £360,000 28/09/2009
96, Bollo Lane, W4 5LX £400,000 28/09/2009
55, Dale Street, W4 2BY £612,500 25/09/2009
28, Pyrmont Road, W4 3NR £585,000 24/09/2009
Flat 1, 38, Fauconberg Road, W4 3JU £205,000 24/09/2009
45, Whellock Road, W4 1DY £695,000 23/09/2009
4, Arnott Close, W4 1NX £350,000 23/09/2009
34, Sutton Court Road, W4 4NH £1,175,000 22/09/2009
Flat 1, 10, Stile Hall Gardens, W4 3BP £407,000 18/09/2009
33, Flanders Road, W4 1NB £700,000 18/09/2009
5, Glebe Street, W4 2BD £1,005,000 17/09/2009
192a, Southfield Road, W4 5LD £410,000 16/09/2009
27, Beverley Road, W4 2LP £1,375,000 15/09/2009
54, Eastbury Grove, W4 2JU £775,000 15/09/2009
33, Grosvenor Road, W4 4EQ £795,000 14/09/2009
61, Church Path, W4 5BH £249,950 14/09/2009
66, Duke Road, W4 2DE £615,000 11/09/2009
Flat 8, 377, Chiswick High Road, W4 4AG £249,999 11/09/2009
27, Dukes Avenue, W4 2AA £1,450,000 11/09/2009
4, Beaulieu Place, W4 5SY £250,000 11/09/2009
32, Ernest Gardens, W4 3QU £407,000 11/09/2009
Flat B, 16, Grange Road, W4 4DA £499,950 10/09/2009
22, Priory Avenue, W4 1TY £380,000 09/09/2009
16, Whitehall Park Road, W4 3NE £625,000 09/09/2009
54, Watchfield Court, W4 4NB £375,000 09/09/2009
Flat 41, 9, Devonhurst Place, W4 4JB £450,000 07/09/2009
46, Wellesley Road, W4 4BZ £590,000 07/09/2009
61, Wavendon Avenue, W4 4NT £1,092,500 04/09/2009
Top Floor Flat, 26, Priory Avenue, W4 1TY £240,000 04/09/2009
2, Annandale Road, W4 2HF £305,000 04/09/2009
20, Beaulieu Place, W4 5SY £240,000 03/09/2009
3, Kinnaird Avenue, W4 3SH £797,500 03/09/2009
34, Clement Close, W4 5ST £219,200 03/09/2009
Flat 7, Monet House, Pumping Station Road, W4 2SL £330,000 03/09/2009
Flat 20, 1 Chiswick Green Studios, Evershed Walk, W4 5BW £575,000 01/09/2009
50, Somerset Road, W4 5DN £600,000 01/09/2009
59, Oxford Road South, W4 3DD £665,000 01/09/2009
68, Linden Gardens, W4 2EW £905,000 01/09/2009
91, Fielding Road, W4 1DA £795,000 01/09/2009
50, Esmond Road, W4 1JQ £915,000 01/09/2009
Flat 74, 21 Homecross House, Fishers Lane, W4 1YB £229,000 01/09/2009

* Some properties excluded from this table at owners' request

Property sales in August 2009

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Source: Land Registry

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