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Property prices in W4 match levels seen at the end of last year

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The average price of a home sold in Chiswick so far this year has remained static compared with that seen towards the latter part of 2015.

There have been 63 sales reported to the Land Registry to date at an average of £959,489 which is marginally below the level seen in the fourth quarter of the previous year. During the early months of 2015 prices were averaging over a million so the market appears to be down on a year on year basis.

Of these 25 properties changed hands for over one million pounds two of which went for over two million. The top priced sale year to date is a house in Homefield Road which cost £2,650,000.

House in Homefield Road Chiswick

House in Homefield Road is most expensive in W4 year to date

The local property market finished on a quiet note after a record breaking year in 2015. Prices fell by 4.8% in the last quarter to end the year averaging below the million pound mark and up 7.3% in the year as a whole. This compares to double digit increases seen across the rest of London.

The average price paid for a home in the W4 post code area according to the Land Registry during the last three months of the year was £962,268 a retreat from the record levels seen in the previous quarter.

Property for sale in Chiswick

Across the whole of London Prices rose by 13.5% over the twelve months to February bringing the average price up to £530,368. For England and Wales prices grew by 6.1% to £190,275. The average price of a London home is now at least double any other region of the country apart from the South East.

Prices in the London Borough of Hounslow rose by 13.6% during the year to reach £409,062 and in Ealing they are up by 6.7% at £494,437.

Prices in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham rose by 7.3% to £846,355 making the area the third highest priced in London after Kensington & Chelsea and Camden.

Prices in the London Borough of Ealing rose by 6.7% during the year to reach

Prices in the London Borough of Merton rose by 11.2% during the year to £510,395

Prices in the London Borough of Wandsworth rose by 7.3% during the year to £622,857

Repossessions in England and Wales halved in December 2015 compared with the same month in 2014 and in London they fell by two-thirds.

The latest survey by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) has revealed that growth in the private and public housing sectors in London slowed down considerably. Private housing workloads rose at their slowest pace since Q4 2012, with only 20% more of those working in the sector reporting a rise in activity rather than a fall over the first quarter of 2016. During the last quarter of 2015 that figure was 44 per cent.

This easing in the private housing sector has not been offset by any increase in the construction of public housing, with growth in this sector remaining broadly unchanged from the previous quarter, and just 11% more surveyors reporting a rise rather than a fall in activity.

RICS Chief Economist, Simon Rubinsohn said, “On the surface, it might seem surprising that we are witnessing a slowdown in the construction sector just a few months after hearing the Chancellor’s ‘We Are The Builders’ speech, given the Government’s significant commitment to this sector. One might well ask why growth in private housing workloads is softening at a time when policy is firmly focussed on the creation of new starter homes. We have long held the view that starter homes cannot be the only solution. There is an issue around the availability of land on which new houses can be built, and we would like to see more being done to free up private brownfield sites.

“Our survey tells us that planning delays are one of the biggest barriers to growth in the construction sector. We have recommended that councils work together to create a team of emergency planners who can parachute into boroughs that are experiencing significant delays, therefore reducing a major growth barrier.

“That said, we cannot discount the climate of uncertainty caused by the forthcoming EU referendum. We know that a range of sectors have been affected by these issues as investors look to delay any decisions until a final outcome has been determined, and construction is no exception.”

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Property Sales in Chiswick - January and February 2016

Deed Date Address Post Code
Price (£)
25/02/2016 60 Wavendon Avenue W4 4NS
22/02/2016 1A Merton Avenue W4 1TA
19/02/2016 18A Coombe Road W4 2HR
19/02/2016 18 Homefield Road W4 2LN
19/02/2016 73 Paxton Road W4 2QT
19/02/2016 3 The Marais W4 3TH
19/02/2016 19 Burlington Road W4 4BQ
16/02/2016 199 Chiswick Village W4 3DG
09/02/2016 Flat 2 Belgrave Court Wellesley Road W4 4LG
08/02/2016 29C Spencer Road W4 3SS
05/02/2016 59 Greenend Road W4 1AH
05/02/2016 34 Speldhurst Road W4 1BU
05/02/2016 66B Waldeck Road W4 3NU
05/02/2016 63 Clovelly Road W4 5DU
05/02/2016 38 Rothschild Road W4 5HT
03/02/2016 89 Wilkinson Way W4 5XF
01/02/2016 73 Eastbury Grove W4 2JT
01/02/2016 36 Balfern Grove W4 2JX
29/01/2016 21 Alexandra Road W4 1AX
29/01/2016 26 Cleveland Avenue W4 1SN
29/01/2016 37 Kent Road W4 5EY
29/01/2016 41 Berrymede Road W4 5JE
27/01/2016 67 Glebe Street W4 2BE
27/01/2016 Flat 24 2B Bollo Lane W4 5LE
26/01/2016 203 Staveley Gardens W4 2TD
25/01/2016 80B Thornton Avenue W4 1QQ
25/01/2016 Flat 2 Afroze Court, 16 Cambridge Road North W4 4AA
25/01/2016 36C Grange Road W4 4DD
25/01/2016 19 Somerset Road W4 5DW
22/01/2016 Flat 2 56 Chiswick Lane W4 2JQ
22/01/2016 163 Staveley Gardens W4 2SQ
22/01/2016 Flat 10 Beechwood Court, 24 - 26 Park Road W4 3HJ
22/01/2016 76 Waldeck Road W4 3NU
22/01/2016 18 Grove Park Terrace W4 3QG
22/01/2016 84 Thames Road W4 3RE
22/01/2016 20 Somerset Road W4 5DN
21/01/2016 7 Thorney Hedge Road W4 5SB
20/01/2016 65 Sutton Lane South W4 3JT
18/01/2016 5 Chiswick High Road W4 2ND
18/01/2016 Flat 1 39 Arlington Gardens W4 4EZ
15/01/2016 103 Esmond Road W4 1JE
15/01/2016 80 Duke Road W4 2DE
15/01/2016 21 Cranbrook Road W4 2LH
15/01/2016 33 Homefield Road W4 2LW
15/01/2016 4 Millers Court Chiswick Mall W4 2PF
15/01/2016 102 Netheravon Road South W4 2PZ
15/01/2016 28 Meade Close W4 3NT
15/01/2016 Flat 9A Burlington Court Spencer Road W4 3SY
15/01/2016 Flat 5 6 Merlin House Castle Row W4 4JQ
15/01/2016 33 St Albans Avenue W4 5LL
14/01/2016 67 Fielding Road W4 1DA
11/01/2016 Flat 3 Prebend Mansions Chiswick High Road W4 2LU
08/01/2016 20 Marlborough Crescent W4 1HQ
08/01/2016 64 Devonshire Road W4 2HT
08/01/2016 111 Airedale Avenue South W4 2PX
08/01/2016 12 Burlington Road W4 4BG
08/01/2016 22C Grosvenor Road W4 4EH
08/01/2016 Flat 1 136 Barrowgate Road W4 4QP
08/01/2016 41 Edmunds House Colonial Drive W4 5HA
07/01/2016 41 Abinger Road W4 1EU
07/01/2016 23 Swanscombe Road W4 2HL
07/01/2016 Garden Flat 5 Marlborough Road W4 4EU
05/01/2016 22 Monmouth Close W4 5DQ

Property sales from December 2015

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Source: Land Registry

April 27, 2016


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