Tim Henman's Memories Of His First Chiswick Home

Former tennis star's two-bed flat bought for £124,000 in 1995, started him off on the property ladder


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Former tennis champion Tim Henman wishes now he had bought ten flats instead of one when he made his first property investment in Chiswick at the age of 21.

Henman, who says location is the key to property investment, paid £214,000 for the two-bed, two bath flat in a then new development close to the river, in 1995.

tim henman tennis player

Tim pictured in his professional tennis playing days

In an interview in Metro about his interest in property investment, he said; "My first home was a two-bedroom, two-bath flat in a new development in Chiswick, quite close to the river. I bought it in 1995 when I was 21, for £124,000.

"If only Iíd bought ten of them. I was travelling a lot ó away for 30 to 35 weeks a year at the time ó so it was a place I could just lock up and leave. It was also very convenient: near to Heathrow airport, so the location was perfect."

He said at that time he had broken into the top 200 in the world and was starting to earn some money and needed a base. He knew he wanted to get onto the property ladder and it felt like a natural progression. Although in later life he moved to older properties ( the house he and his family live in now was partly built in 1620), the new flat was perfect for when he was 21 and living alone.

"I left school at 16 and was playing professional tennis, travelling and having the responsibility of being my own business. You are earning money, but you also have to employ a coach, a fitness trainer and a physio ó and getting a place to live is part of that. I always said tennis was never my job, it was my hobby, so I was very lucky from that point of view.

" I look back at all the properties Iíve owned ó and the ones I still own ó and would say not only are they my best investments, but they have also been my most enjoyable ones. To me, thereís always that safety element and in London, the market has gone up and up over the years. You need to be able to afford it, but property is always a great investment. I guess Iíve never been someone who likes to invest in stocks and shares; I like things that are tangible and thatís why I like bricks and mortar."

When he met his wife they bought a house in Barnes and then moved near Oxford. He has invested in several properties along the way.

April 26, 2017

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