Discover renewed health and happiness in Devonshire Road

Chi Cha provides a traditional approach to a balanced life

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Chi Cha are offering £5 off any acupuncture treatment for the month of September. 

Call 020 8742 1216 or call in for more details or to book a consultation.


Chi Cha
9 Devonshire Road
Chiswick W4 2EU

Telephone 020 8742 1216

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For the people of China, ‘chi’ is the life energy that keeps them happy and healthy. Chi out of balance means illness and unhappiness. One of the main ways to keep our ‘chi’ in balance is by eating and drinking the right things and ’cha’ or tea plays a major role in that.

Situated on Devonshire Road, Chi Cha is a contemporary-styled clinic cum shop owned by local resident Brenda Paterson which offers the chance to repair defective ‘chi’ through acupuncture and Chinese herbs, and maintain it through ‘cha’, a range of high quality Chinese green tea.

An enthusiast for both the repair and maintenance side of the process, Brenda says “It all comes down to quality. You’ll find green tea in your local supermarket but it is often poor quality and offers none of the fabulous effects that drinking a cup of good quality tea can have on body and mind.

"The same can be said for the acupuncture and herbalism - only a practitioner with the qualifications and experience of Dr. Chen can guarantee you are experiencing all the benefits of the real thing”

Dr. Xiaoling Chen qualified in both western and Chinese medicine in her native China and has been practising the latter in London for three years building herself a well deserved reputation and an established following in Chiswick.

Dr Chen’s skills can be applied to a variety of conditions including skin problems, fertility issues, injuries and emotional problems and she can be consulted free of charge at the new premises.

As for the green tea, that can also be ‘tried before you buy’- a big help for anyone coming to green tea for the first time. It too is becoming recognised for its health properties with studies showing that it soothes digestive conditions, detoxes, and boosts the immune system – as well as being a great drink with only a quarter of the caffeine of your usual cup.

More information on the range can also be found on the Cha website.

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