Christmas gifts from children’s artworks

An innovative idea from new local company DaisyArt

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New local company DaisyArt creates stunning contemporary canvas prints from children’s paintings and drawings. ‘DaisyArt gives parents an easy way to celebrate and preserve their children’s best artworks,’ says founder Rebecca Mileham.

The concept for the company occurred to her when her three-year-old son did a painting that she really loved. ‘It looked like a fantastic piece of contemporary art,’ Rebecca explains, ‘but I knew I wouldn’t get round to framing it or even keeping it safe.’

‘Most kids’ art work follows the same lifecycle,’ she goes on. ‘Pictures get stuck admiringly to the fridge to start with. Then they’re stuck in a pile to deal with ‘later’. Finally they just get stuck in the bin because they’re all tatty and creased.’

DaisyArt scans, prints and professionally mounts children’s artworks as hardwearing canvas prints from 30 x 30 cm right up to 120 x 180 cm. They’re an incredible focal point for any room – see for more examples – and prices start at £49.00 including delivery. The company is currently offering 20% off prices on its medium range of sizes.

All you have to do is send in the original picture (or upload it to DaisyArt’s website).
Artwork can be reproduced at almost any size, and DaisyArt’s team can help you select the part of the original that will have the greatest impact. ‘My son’s painting is now a huge canvas print that I have hanging on my living room wall,’ says Rebecca. ‘No one believes it was done by a toddler – it’s a real talking point.’

There’s another side to DaisyArt’s work, which should appeal if you feel your child’s got an especially artistic spark. Every artwork that’s turned into a canvas print is also considered for inclusion in DaisyArt’s online art gallery.

Although this aspect of the business is in its infancy, Rebecca has big ideas for it. ‘Our online gallery will contain the best of children’s art from all over the country,’ she explains. ‘You’ll be able to browse and buy from the gallery, with profits going to a children’s charity.’

You can see DaisyArt at Chiswick’s Christmas Fair (10.00-17.00 in Chiswick Town Hall on 3 December) to see examples of children’s artworks on canvas and for more information.

November 25, 2005