Teen Severely Injured in Isleworth BBQ Accident

Suffered 50% burns when trying to start fire with bio-ethanol fuel

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The scene in the aftermath of the blaze - Pic LFB

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The importance of safety while having barbecues during the warm weather has been emphasised by the London Fire Brigade following an incident in Isleworth in which three teenagers were left with life-changing burns.

They had tried to use bio-ethanol fuel to start a barbecue on Sunday last. The Brigade was called at 17.18 on Sunday 8th June. One fire engine and five firefighters from Heston fire station attended the incident. Paramedics and doctors from London’s air ambulance also attended and the three injured men were taken to hospital. The incident was over by 17.51.

One of the men, believed to be 18, is critically ill in hospital, after sustaining potentially life-changing burns to over 50 per cent of his body, including  his face, body, arms and legs. The other two, both aged 19, sustained burns to their arms and legs.

Charlie Pugsley, from the Brigade’s fire investigation team, said: “The men poured bio-ethanol onto their charcoal barbecue, which they’d been struggling to ignite. They held a lighter to the fuel, causing it to flash over, which basically means it burst into a fireball.

“We believe they used bio-ethanol which was specifically intended for a ‘real flame’ fire inside the house.”

Mark Hazelton, Community Safety Group Manager for London Fire Brigade, said: “This unfortunate incident highlights how dangerous it is to use unsuitable flammable fuels that are not designed to be used on barbecues. You should only ever use approved barbecue fuel or fire lighters to help to get your barbecue going.

“If this warm weather continues, we’re really concerned that we could be seeing more and more of these incidents unless people take greater care with their barbecues.

“We wish the three lads well and hope they recover quickly from their injuries.”

June 10, 2014