Win for Greg Hands in Chelsea and Fulham

Tory Candidate gets over 60% of the vote  

Results of the 2010 Election
Chelsea and Fulham
Candidate Party
2010 Result
Greg Hands Conservatives
Alex Hilton Labour
Dirk Hazell Liberal Democrats
Julia Stephenson Green Party
Tim Gittos
Brian McDonald BNP
Roland Courtenay New Independent Conservatives
George Roseman English Democrats
Godfrey Spickernell Blue Environment Party

Election Result in Hammersmith


Greg Hands is the new Conservative MP for the constituency of Chelsea and Fulham.

Greg Hands Mr Hands, who was previously the MP in Hammersmith and Fulham before boundary changes created the new Chelsea and Fulham constituency, received 24,093 votes, giving him a huge majority of 42%.

The swing to the Conservatives from Labour was 6.1%

After the declaration, which was announced at Hammersmith Town Hall Mr Hands said, "It's been an interesting race, it's been a good fun contest and I congratulate my fellow candidates on keeping it clean. We have won in Chelsea and Fulham and we have also won in the country as well. Across the country this result has been a disaster for the Labour Party. The council have put the Conservatives on the map and I'm confident they'll win with an increased majority tomorrow."

In second place was Labour's Alex Hilton who won 7,371.

In third place was former Tory Dirk Hazell, who won 6,473 votes for the Liberal Democrats.

They were followed by Julia Stephenson from the Green Party who saw their vote more than half and UKIP's Tim Gittos, with 478 votes.

Turnout at the election was 60% well up on the last election.


May 7, 2010