Winter Ale Fundraiser For Local School

Helping students have breakfast before study starts

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St. Nicholas parishioners turned out in force on Monday evening this week to support the launch of the annual winter ale launched at the George & Devonshire pub, raising £1,000 for nearby Chiswick School.

The profits are supporting this year's support the parish community project, this year to help provide free breakfasts for Chiswick School students. A trial started in September and has run throughout the term to date.

Since early September Chiswick School has provided a free breakfast for students arriving to school before 8.30 am. A survey of students across all year groups in the summer term demonstrated that a significant number arrive at school without even a drink for breakfast before starting their first lesson. The trial held on Mondays and Fridays since September has improved attendance and punctuality and whilst evidence is only anecdotal at the moment, appears to have assisted student’s overall academic progress.

“We are continually seeking out new ways to assist Chiswick students to learn more effectively,” said Tony Ryan, Chiswick’s head teacher. “The idea for the trial came through the student council and with many of our students qualifying for free school dinners, this seemed to be a logical extension.”

In the trial students had a choice of cereal, fruit, a hot drink or fruit juice or a choice of hot dish from beans on toast to scrambled egg. Staff arriving early for school also qualified for a free breakfast so long as they sat with the students to eat it.

“We have had anywhere between 50 and 100 students per day take up the offer” said Tony Ryan, “There has been a really nice atmosphere in the Dining Hall each morning, with staff and students chatting over breakfast before the school day starts. “

The school is keen to extend the scheme to 5 days a week from February but has estimated the cost over a year at approximately £60,000. The school has allocated £30,000 of Pupil Premium money towards this (funds received from government to assist students from socially disadvantaged backgrounds) but is seeking to raise the other £30,000 from sponsorship and other donations.

December 12, 2013