Cat Found After 73 Weeks Missing

Chiswick resident delighted after being reunited with Misu

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A delighted Chiswick resident was last week reunited with his pet cat 73 weeks after he first went missing. Gordon McDonald, who lives in the Belmont Road area, lost his cat Misu, a grey moggy with a white chest and back paws, at the end of March last year.

When Misu went missing, Gordon registered the loss with and at first received several unsuccessful calls.

But last Friday, he received a message from a woman in Silver Crescent saying she thought Misu had moved in with her. Despite his scepticism, after sending a photo, Gordon came to the house and discovered his cat was in fact there.

Gordon said: “As the weeks turned into months, I had pretty much given up hope of ever seeing my feline friend again. Then out of the blue, I got an email from a lady in Silver Crescent who was convinced Misu had moved in with her, just a week earlier. She's seen Misu's details on a missing pet website, and immediately made contact.

“I - unconvinced - drove the half-mile from my home in Alfred Close expecting to see a Misu looky-likey. To my absolute amazement, Misu was sprawled out on his adoptive parents’ sofa. There was no mistake; Misu was staring right at me.”

Gordon described the event on ChiswickW4’s Forum: “I went there this afternoon and - on seeing him - felt a bit shocked. After all, where could he have been for so long? But there was no denying it was him. I brought him home and he's back to his old tricks already; scraping up against all my white woodwork and sleeping like a baby. Good times.”

He continued: “It took him all of three minutes to settle back in. From sleeping with his head on the pillow next to me (against every rule, I know) to surveying anybody who dares to walk past the house. It's like he's never been away.”

He said that he was “completely made up and is delighted to have Misu back in his life”.

Over the 17 months Misu was missing, Gordon had several disappointments. Two weeks after Misu went missing, he thought he had seen his cat, but after 90 minutes trying to get a closer look, he realised it was not his.

Gordon had since bought a new cat, Sascha, but he hopes that both his cats will, in time, get on well.

August 30, 2012