Free Designer Shoes - If You Are a Size 4

Local shoe designer Esska giving away sample stock

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This week there is a chance for you to get some beautiful designer shoes completely free of charge. There is one catch though - you have to be size 4.

Chiswick resident Souraya Karami has her own shoe design label Esska and has been selling shoes to boutiques all over the world for more than 4 years.

She told us, "Through the seasons, we end up with piles of samples sent back from our agents all over the world. We are not allowed to sell them, and they are unworn! So I have decided to give them away."

The samples that designers send to agents are always in size 4 hence only that size is available for free.

She will open the doors of my office on Thursday and Friday the 18th and 19th of August from 9am to 4pm, and says people are welcome to come and take whatever they like.

She said , "I need space in my office, and my heart does not let me throw them away!"

Her office is at Esska Design Ltd, Studio 5, The Vale Business Centre, 203-205 The Vale, W3 7QS. Tel: 020 8811 1155

August 14, 2011