Southfield Safer Neighbourhood Team AGM

Gary Malcolm asks local residents to make their voices heard

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Councillor Gary Malcolm, of the Southfield Ward, has asked local residents to attend the local Safer Neighbourhood team's AGM.

The Southfield police forum (which is made up of residents, local councillors, police) are having their Annual meeting on Wed 28th September from 7pm at the Carlton Road Day Centre, Carlton Road, W4.

The meeting will report on a number of local police matters concerning Chiswick and Acton that have happened over the past year. A new committee will be elected (each year some stand down) and so volunteers are needed. You can ask the local police team questions. They will give you advice on reducing crime.

The residents who attend really can easily make a lot of difference as residents can direct the police into spending their time on particular projects or issues.

Gary said, " If you want more information about the meeting please email me via, Tweet me at @CllrGaryMalcolm or call me on 07813 205218."

September 14, 2011