Council Responds To Local MP On Parking Profits

Says it spends its surplus on items that benefit residents

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Hounslow Council has responded to local MP Mary Macleod's remarks on its £7 million surplus from parking charges, an increase of 43% in the past four years.

A report from the RAC Foundation had shown that Hounslow was in the top ten of over 300 English councils when it comes to making a profit from parking charges. 

Mary had demanded to know how the Council intends to use that money and has also started a campaign to persuade Hounslow to introduce a ‘HounslowCard’, which would allow local people 30 minutes of free parking anywhere in the Borough to encourage people to use local shops and businesses.

A council spokesperson, said: “Any surplus income from parking fines is ploughed into paying for freedom passes and taxi cards for older and disabled people, which cost the council around £9 million this year. It also helped pay for road safety schemes and more parking spaces, which is good for motorists and pedestrians.

“This council investment includes nine stop and shop schemes across the borough which offer motorists 30 minutes free parking. We also have a new stop and shop in Chiswick which becomes operational next week.

“To suggest that the council is using motorists as a cash cow is nonsense – last year’s surplus has gone down dramatically, we have only put up parking charges once since May 2010 and we have issued over 11, 500 fewer fines this year than we did last year.”

The surplus income for parking charges after capital expenses for 2012/13 was £5.8 million.

On 4 July 2011 there was an increase resulting in the following charges.

On street -1 hour £1.60 increased to £2.00

2 hours £3.20 increased to £4.00

3 hours £4.80 increased to £6.00 ;4 hours £6.40 increased to £8.00


Off street:

 1 hour     £1.00 increased to £1.50

 2 hours   £2.00 increased to £3.20

 3 hours   £3.00 increased to £5.00

 4 hours   £4.00 increased to £7.00

  More than 5 hours £10.00 increased to £12

Current stop and shop schemes are:

  • London Road , Isleworth
  • South Street , Isleworth
  • Twickenham Road , Isleworth
  • Thornbury Road , Osterley
  • Vicarage Farm Road, Hounslow
  • Brentford High Street
  • Cranford Lane , Heston
  • Bath Road , Hounslow West
  • Spring Grove Road , Hounslow

Grove Park Shoppers in Chiswick, will be operational from 12 August.

In 2012/13 there were 129,452 fines issued – 11, 679 less than the previous year (141,131).



August 10, 2013