Mary Macleod Praises Childcare Tax Scheme

Brentford and Isleworth MP says it will help working families

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Local MP Mary Macleod has welcomed the Government's pre-budget announcement of an online scheme to help working families claim a tax-free childcare allowance.

The new scheme will replace the current childcare voucher scheme and will come in from September next year. It is claimed it will be worth up to £2,000 per child.

Mary commented: “I welcome the extension to the tax-free childcare scheme announced today. This shows the government’s commitment to helping parents who want to get back into the workforce. For too long, talented women who want to work have been put off by the cost of childcare.

"As many as 1.9 million working families will benefit from this tax-free childcare allowance – far more than ever benefitted from the current childcare voucher scheme which only 5% of UK employers had signed up to.”

The announcement extends the previously-announced scheme which offered up to £1,200 per child and will also fast-forward the implementation to include children up to 12 earlier than previously planned.

The scheme will not be available to those claiming Working Tax Credit who are low paid in employment. BrentfordTW8 have asked for a comment on this point.

March 20, 2014

March 20, 2014