MP Visits Local Postal Delivery Unit

Mary Macleod welcomes extra jobs created by TNT

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Local MP Mary Macleod has visited the Chiswick TNT postal delivery unit (Feb 12) and welcomed the company's investment in the area which she said was creating job opportunities for local people who had found it difficult to get employment.

The MP for Chiswick, Brentford, Isleworth, Osterley and Hounslow, met local Posties recently recruited as part of a job creation drive in West London.

Chiswick was one of the areas used as a trial by TNT post when it started its service in April 2012. A ruling six years ago has allowed competitors to Royal Mail to compete for delivery services across the UK.

The Chiswick delivery unit is involved in both household and business deliveries. The company says it has created 400 new jobs in the West London area since opening and hopes to expand the service in the next five years, promising up to 20,000 new postal delivery jobs.

During the visit, Mary joined local postie Anton Auguste, age 21 and unemployed for a year prior to working at TNT Post. He showed the MP the new technology the company is utilising to increase the delivery efficiency in the local area.  Every letter delivered by a TNT Postie is scanned before it is pushed through the letterbox, ensuring guaranteed proof of delivery. The TNT postal deliver workers are given bikes to help them complete rounds quickly and keep a low carbon footprint.

Following the visit, Mary Macleod MP, said: “I am pleased that companies like TNT Post are investing in the Chiswick area and creating opportunities for local people who have found it difficult to find jobs. The roles are providing secure employment for those who have finished education, in addition to parents who require flexible working hours. I am very pleased that they are engaged in the Work Programme and Youth Contract to help young and long term unemployed people into work.

Nick Wells, CEO TNT Post UK, commented that they were delighted the MP had paid a visit and they hoped to provide more jobs in the coming years. TNT Post is the second largest UK postal company and handles more than 300 million items a month.


February 12, 2013