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Step in to cheer up 11-year-old boy after birthday bag theft

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The story of an 11 year old boy whose birthday was ruined by heartless thieves who stole his present bag at Acton Park has touched forum members.

Clare Mulvany had been at the park yesterday with her son Colmcille (nickname Golly) and their friends when his bright yellow string rucksack disappeared.

The bag had presents and cash from his grandparents as well as his brand new Zip card.

She says ''He is totally heartbroken at the loss of his presents and it has really blighted the poor boy's birthday. He has been sobbing all evening. Please, please. If anyone sees a yellow string bag with the logo "Pilgrims pack" on it would you kindly let me know.''

She wrote about the theft on the forums and the story has touched some members who've offered to donate money to help cheer Colmcille up.

Clare says: ' I have decided to accept their offer on the proviso that we can meet and he can thank them in person. I hope this will end up being a beautiful lesson on the kindness of strangers after all.''





21st January 2014