Councillors Put A Stop To Residents' Bollards

Opting for 'no-entry' as solution to Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate's traffic problems


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The Chiswick Area Planning Committee has voted against residents' wishes to install bollards at entrances to the Gunnersbury Park Garden Estate because of the cost of installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Residents have been calling for measures to be put in place to prevent motorists from using the estate as a cut through to avoid the A406 / Gunnersbury Lane intersection.

Committee members considered information from Transport for London and the practicalities and costs associated with an ‘Access only’ scheme for the Estate enforced thorough the use of automatic rising bollards. However, with costs proving prohibitive, Councillors decided that the option of ‘No Entry’ at Princess Street was the most practical.

Other options discussed included a 20mph zone scheme with a one-way system and no-entry into Park Place Drive.

A further consultation will take place on the proposed scheme before anything is implemented.

July 28, 2010