A4 Lane Restrictions May Cause Traffic

Maintenance work taking place on M4 elevated section

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Work on the elevated section of the M4 is expected to lead to some local traffic disruption. The work will require that lanes on the stretch of the A4 that runs under are closed.

The works are needed to repair the piers that support the M4 elevated section from junctions 1 to 3 between Chiswick and Heston. To gain access to the supports underneath the M4 the Highways Agency will need to use the A4.

This section of the M4 is beginning to deteriorate due to rain water collecting on the road and leaking through the joints to the supports. The works will repair the supports and ensure they stay in a safe condition for many years to come.

Repairs to the piers supporting the M4 elevated section started on 19 November and are due to be completed by March 2007. Work to repair the supports will take place 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

During the day there will be a lane closed in each direction of the A4 to enable the work force to gain access to the M4. 2 lanes will be maintained in each direction. At night times between 22:30 and 05:30 there will only be one lane running in each direction of the A4.

November 20, 2006