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Deadline extended for online survey on lighting up Southfield Rec.

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Ealing Council is to extend the closing date for online replies on the issue of whether Southfield Rec. should be lit or not in the night.

Residents will have until the end of this weekend to give their views if they have not yet taken part in the consultation.

On the 8th February the three local Councillors will decide whether to spend some of its annual budget on this initiative. The councillors say they would welcome the views of local residents so that the best use of the ward’s money can be found.

Councillor Andrew Steed said: “A few residents have spoken to me and said they like the idea of lighting the Rec. in the early mornings and evenings as opposed to all night long. Do let us know what you think. Why not come to the meeting! It takes place from 7.30pm at Acton Green Church, Cunnington Street, W4 5ER.”

Councillors for Southfield Road ward are anxious to hear the views of locals on whether Southfield Recreation Ground should be lit up by Ealing Council in the winter months. The Council has an online questionnaire which will help councillors and officials make a decision on the matter.

The proposals are to install new streetlights to illuminate some, or all of the five pathways through the park or to keep Southfield Recreation Ground as it is with no lighting. Local residents have complained at the Southfield Forum that they feel unsafe in the winter months. The police prefer parks to be either closed or unlit during the night-time.

The five pathways are shown on a map of Southfield Recreation Ground (within the consultation document information).

The responses to the questionnaire and any comments received will be analysed and will contribute towards whether the Southfield ward forum recommends to Ealing Council to light the pathways in the park or not.

The consultation is now online.

Chair of the local Southfield ward panel, Councillor Gary Malcolm,
said: "A decision on this will be taken at the next ward panel meeting on 8th February so it is vital that residents give their view."

Other issues to be discussed at the meeting include: An update on the previously agreed projects such as lighting in the alleyway between Woodstock Road and Warple Way; road traffic concerns at Cunnington Street and recycling bins at local tube and rail stations; Southfield Rec lighting; any new ideas raised by residents on what projects might be needed in the area.

The venue will be open from 7pm and usually coffee and tea is available. After the meeting there will be the chance to ask your three local Councillors any questions about Ealing Council.


February 3, 2012