Proposed Changes To Plans For Acton Storms Tanks

Thames Water's super sewer needs larger shaft and construction area

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Thames Tunnel Consultation - Acton Storm Tanks


The sessions will be held at the Scout Hut, Rugby Road, W4 1AT on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 July 2011 (4 - 8pm).

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Thames Water are considering possible changes to their tunnelling strategy which could mean a new layout, larger shaft and bigger construction area for their proposed work site at Acton Storm Tanks.

The plans are part of the multi-billion project to reduce sewage overflow into the Thames which will involve the construction of an expanded sewage tunnel under parts of Chiswick including Bedford Park and Chiswick Mall.

At Phase One of public consultation (13 September 2010 - 14 January 2011), the proposal was to use the Thames Water owned site on Warple Way to intercept the combined sewer overflow that discharges untreated sewage into the River Thames at Chiswick Eyot.

This would involve the site receiving a boring machine needed to create a connection tunnel linking the Acton Storm Relief sewer with the main Thames Tunnel, starting at Hammersmith.

Thames Tunnel project now need to gather local people's views on the possibility of the Acton Storm Tanks site receiving a larger boring machine, potentially to be launched from either Barn Elms Playing Fields in Richmond or Carnwath Road Riverside in south Fulham.

The larger tunnel drive which would mean the need for a larger shaft and construction area, within the storm tanks site.

Head of London Tideways Tunnels Phil Stride said: "We are also considering moving the construction activities to the northern part of the site to accommodate the slightly larger area we would require for this option.

"So that local people can let us know what they think of this alternative plan, we have arranged two drop-in sessions, where our experts will be available to answer questions and take note of any issues raised."

The sessions will be held at the Scout Hut, Rugby Road, W4 1AT on Tuesday 26 and Wednesday 27 July 2011 (4 - 8pm).


July 25, 2011