Burst Water Main Hits Water Supplies

Pipe outside Holiday Inn in Brentford breaks causing flooding

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Pic: Julia Quilliam

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A major water main burst outside the Holiday Inn in Brentford leading to the supplies of many residents in Brentford and Chiswick being cut off on Monday (1st February).

The main has now been turned off and most of the water has drained away. However, the basement car park of the Holiday Inn was flooded.

There is currently a diversion on Brentford High Street with access to local traffic only.

No residential properties have been flooded by the burst water main.

A spokesman for Thames Water apologised for the break and said they were working as hard as possible to restore service to the area.

He said the break had occurred on a 36 inch wide water pipe and that had caused problems with water pressure, which was why people were having difficulties with their supply.

He added that it was " unacceptable" and said Thames Water was extremely sorry, given the history of water problems with that particular stretch of road.

"We are pulling out all the stops to get this sorted as quickly as possible. A team of workers is in the area at present" he said.


February 2, 2012