Stretchworks - Not Just A Class It’s An Experience

Alison Evans' introduces the concept that stretching can be a complete workout in its own right


Alison holds Stretchworks classes at Hogarth Health Club and The Park Club.

If you are interested in trying out the General Level Stretchworks class contact
Jo Harris at the The Hogarth Health Club (Airedale Avenue Chiswick W4) on 0208 995 4600 
Marcus Phillips at The Park Club (East Acton Lane Acton W3 7HB) on 0208 743 4321
The Park Club

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Alison Evans had an extensive dancing career working for renowned choreographers including Arlene Phillips, and teaching at the Pineapple studios. She started to devise these Stretchworks programmes over 20 years ago.

Having been asked for years to feature a celebrity on the Stretchworks DVD, Alison strongly believed the best way to demonstrate her work was to show pupils of all abilities and ages (14 years to 70 years) from her classes so the viewer could really engage with the individual pupils and see how they could adapt the work to suit their own needs and ability

Stretchworks introduces the concept that stretching can be a complete workout in its own right, enabling you to find your optimum fitness level at your own pace and in your own way.

Stretchworks incorporates controlled stretching and strengthening exercises that are devised to flow one into the other enabling one to experience an overall sense of being aligned, balanced, elongated and strong.

Stretchworks supports and encourages a more productive and healthier lifestyle both physically and emotionally.

Stretchworks is not just a class it’s an experience; a way of life for any age, at any level and any ability.

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December 15, 2010