Coffee Shop and Pantry Opens in Skittle Alley

New Saturday farmers' market started outside riverside pub

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Skittle Alley Coffee and Pantry


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Skittle Alley Coffee & Pantry has been opened by two local residents on the borders of Hammersmith and Chiswick. In the absence of a corner shop they were keen to open a place were locals could meet up over coffee and buy produce, such as bread and eggs, from the pantry.

The shop is based in the old skittle alley of The Black Lion Pub on Hammersmith Riverside and adjoins the garden which stretches down to the Thames path. It is open from Monday-Friday 8am-12noon and sells coffee from Ozone Coffee Roasters, organic juices, breakfast, pantry goods as well as items from the home such as baskets and napkins.

On Saturdays they hold a farmers' market outside the shop between 9am and 1pm. Farmers' bring the country to London, travelling up from Somerset and Cambridgeshire, with an array of organic and free range produce. The market also supports local suppliers and those amongst the community.

As well as Saturday mornings during the market, Skittle Alley Coffee and Pantry is open Monday to Friday from 8am till noon.

The market has farmers attending from as far as Somerset and Cambridgeshire with a wide array of produce. including fine meats, cheeses, raw milk, vegetables and salad.


November 20, 2014