‘Gap Yah’ Named Homegrown Comedy Hit of the Year

Fans make Chiswick's satirical sketch YouTube star of 2010

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‘Gap Yah’ – a satirical sketch filmed in Chiswick garden which parodies the student gap year has been named as the biggest homegrown comedy hit of 2010 on YouTube in their annual rundown of the most popular videos of the year.

“More than ever in 2010 YouTube was a hub of creativity, a hive of hilarity and the place for people to share their passions and entertain themselves online,” said Anna Bateson, Director of Marketing, YouTube UK.

“This year’s top videos lists give us a glimpse at the tremendous growth YouTube has experienced as a company and as an online community in 2010.”

This year, more than 13 million hours of video - approximately 1,500 years worth of viewing - were uploaded to YouTube and more than 700 billion videos were viewed via the site.

Britain’s top comedy videos of 2010 (based on UK views)

1. Gap Yah
2. Annoying Orange Saw
3. Annoying Orange Wazzup
4. Being a Dickhead's Cool
5. Fascinating Aida – Cheap Flights

December 13, 2010