Andy Slaughter Wins Hammersmith

Labour win hard fought battle for new constituency

2010 Election Results

Results for Hammersmith (and Shepherd's Bush)

Candidate Party Result
Andy Slaughter Labour
Shaun Bailey Conservative
Merlene Emerson Lib Dems
Rollo Miles Green
Vanessa Crichton UKIP
James Searle BNP
Stephen Brennan Independent


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After an intensely fought race, Andy Slaughter has been declared the new Member of Parliament for Hammersmith.

Slaughter won the new seat with a comfortable majority, gaining 20,810 votes, or 43.85 % of the vote.

After the result was announced at Hammersmith Town Hall in the early hours of Friday morning, Slaughter thanked his staff and volunteers for their work during the campaign.

"This has been a sometimes lively campaign. I would like to thank the people in Hammersmith, everyone who took part in this election and particularly those who voted for me. It's a humbling experience. If there's any lesson to be drawn, it is this: the voters prefer a Labour future to the alternative. I hope my record as an MP here in the community has played a part," said Slaughter.

His main opponent, Shaun Bailey, came second with 17,261 votes or 36.38% of the vote. "I'd like to thank my wife because she's the one who's worked the hardest in this campaign. Our campaign, both locally and nationally, has been based on quality of outcomes and the truth."

Portrait of Merlene Emerson.Merlene Emerson for the Liberal Democrats came a distant third with 7,567 votes or 15.95% of the vote.

"Fighting a really difficult seat has been hailed as a two-horse race. It would have been nice to have turned it into a three horse race. I'm proud that we ran a positive campaign and I'd like to thank those who didn't succumb to the pressures of tactical voting," she said.

The overall number of votes cast across the constituency was 47,666.

May 7, 2010