Stolen Butcher's Delivery Van Found By Sharp-Eyed Police Officer

He recalled spotting Hammond's retro delivery van while on way to work

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The 'unique' delivery van stolen from local butcher Hammond's, has been quickly recovered, thanks to an observant local police officer.

The distinctive Morris Minor 1950's van vanished from its parking spot at Thames Road, Strand on the Green on Sunday evening.

But a vigilant local police officer noticed the van while on his way to work on Monday morning. The retro Morris Minor van is one of the most attention-grabbing vehicles in W4.

When the officer checked his briefing for the day, the first task he had been set was to recover a reported stolen vehicle, described as a vintage-style delivery van.

The officer told his colleagues he knew the location of the van as he has spotted it only a short time earlier in Park Road. The van was quickly recovered and returned to its owners.

A spokesman for Hammond's said they were delighted to have it returned so quickly as they planned to start their delivery service this week.

Butcher Ken Hammond was based at Strand on the Green for twenty-eight years but moved to Kew Bridge last April to join Hammond's Butchers & Delicatessan which was opened by MP Mary Macleod.

July 16, 2014