"Neighbour from Hell" Apprehended on King Street

Ackbarally was avoiding six month jail sentence

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A man who was wanted by police after being sentenced to six months behind bars has been apprehended on King Street.

Salim Ackbarally was arrested by two officers who were tipped off that he was in Hammersmith town centre.

The 57 year-old was jailed for six months in his absence at West London County Court earlier this month, for a catalogue of offences. The Council also obtained a Possession Order for his council home on De Morgan Road in Fulham in August 2013.

Ackbarally, described by the council as the "neighbour from Hell" had a particular penchant for using intimidating and threatening behaviour, including making threats to kill and also blasted out loud music from his home.

Since sentencing, officers have been scouring the borough for him. He will now spend the next six months at Her Majesty’s pleasure at Wormwood Scrubs.

Hammersmith & Fulham Council obtained an antisocial behaviour injunction with a power of arrest in December 2012 at the same time as applying for possession of his property.

In June 2013 he breached the injunction order by using aggressive behaviour towards another resident. He was then arrested and excluded from his property, following a court hearing for the breach.


October 4, 2013