Army To Use Boulton House During Olympics

Hounslow Council says no weapons will be stationed there


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The tallest building in the London Borough of Hounslow will take a on a new role during the Olympics from tomorrow (July 12) helping to keep the capital safe.

Boulton House, the tallest block of flats on the Brentford Towers estate, will be used by a small team of army personnel who will be using the roof of the building as an observation platform.

No weapons of any sort will be stationed at Boulton House.

The 23-storey building, which is slightly taller than its neighbouring blocks, is part of a ring of high buildings around the capital which army personnel will be using to monitor the skyline. The only equipment which will be used on the building are high-powered binoculars, and thermal imaging cameras.

The Ministry of Defence has told the council that a team of 12 will take responsibility for the Boulton House observation platform, working three shifts per day in groups of four.

Cllr Steve Curran, cabinet member for housing and education, said

“We are happy to help the Ministry of Defence in its work to keep London safe during the Games.

“I’d like to reassure residents that there will be no disruption to their every day lives, and I hope they are reassured by the army’s very small presence in Brentford.” Boulton House is one of 14 sites across London being used by the army from Thursday July 12 onwards.

Boulton House was recently the centre of controversy as the Council decided to install illuminated signage , despite advice from planning officials.

The illuminated signage on Boulton House, one of the six 23-storey council-owned residential tower blocks in Green Dragon Lane is going ahead despite objections from several local residents' groups, English Heritage, the Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew and the London Borough of Richmond.

July 11, 2012