Council Contract Workers To Get London Living Wage

Hounslow Council insist contractors pay staff the rate


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Hounslow Council has become one of only a few local authorities in the country to require contractors to pay the London Living Wage to both their own staff and those working on their behalf.

Councillors have agreed to ensure all future contracts awarded by the council pay their staff the London Living Wage, which is currently £8.30 an hour.

Cllr Colin Ellar, deputy leader of the council, said:

“We already pay our staff the London Living Wage, and now we can extend this to any new contracts we sign.

“We want to make sure people who work on our behalf are taking home a fair wage for their day’s work.

“It’s also good for employers too as it helps reduce the costs of recruiting and retaining staff, lowers staff absentee rates and improves the quality of work.

“Organisations that have introduced the London Living Wage have seen improvements in the services they provide so this should help increase the quality of service residents receive.”

Rhys Moore, director of the Living Wage Foundation said

"We are delighted to award the Living Wage Employer mark to the London Borough of Hounslow. They join a growing number of local authorities leading the way on responsible pay.

“This move will mean a better life for hundreds of council staff and their families. Living Wage employers understand that the Living Wage is not just good for their staff, it's good for business too."

Luke Kirton, GMB co-ordinator at the London Borough of Hounslow said:

“We are really pleased that our lobbying and Hounslow Council’s action have bought about a living wage not just for council staff but also many of our borough schools and now, with this news, contractors delivering services for and on behalf of the council as well.

“We wish to thank those councillors who saw the merit in our campaign locally and voted to support the decision. We should all be proud that Hounslow is one of only a handful of London boroughs leading the way on ensuring that all Londoners can expect, at the very least, a London Living Wage.”

The main contract areas where wages are thought to be most likely to be below the London Living Wage are catering services, cleaning services, grounds maintenance and adult social care.


October 10, 2012