Millions Saved In Hounslow By Recycling

Council say the money is now freed up from landfill tax

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Over £2 million of council taxpayers money can be spent on services instead of paying landfill tax , according to Hounslow Council. They said local residents had a ‘remarkable’ recycling record. 

According to the latest figures, the borough’s householders have recycled 15,809 tonnes of waste including paper, glass, tins, cardboard and plastic, and 9550 tonnes of garden and food waste so far this financial year.  

Councillor Colin Ellar, cabinet member for environment, thanked residents for their efforts. 

He said: “This is a remarkable achievement by Hounslow residents.  It means we can help the environment and better still, millions of council taxpayers’ money can be spent on services instead of paying landfill tax.” 

“However, while we are doing well we, can do even better.  Hounslow has one of the most comprehensive recycling services in London so I urge residents to take full advantage of it!” 

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March 1, 2013