Council Crackdown On 'Cheats' Abusing Blue Badges

Nine people face fines for using disabled parking spaces

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Hounslow Council and the Police joined forces this month in a crackdown on Blue Badge abuse and said they were determined to drive the "cheats" off the streets.

Nine blue badges were confiscated because the registered holder was not present with the driver. It is understood none of these were in Chiswick or Brentford, but the Council said these operations would be ongoing throughout the borough as part of their drive to protect parking spaces for disabled people.

The officers from the council’s parking anti-fraud team and the police were involved in the joint operation.

In each case, a penalty charge notice was issued and the driver has been asked to attend an interview under caution in order to explain their actions.   

Councillor Ed Mayne, cabinet member for community safety and regulatory services, said: “We are determined to drive Blue Badge abuse off the borough’s streets. These cheats are robbing disabled people’s right to a parking place.”  

The council will now decide what action should be taken in respect of the nine drivers, and in some instances the blue badge holder will also be interviewed because it is an offence to allow someone to misuse a Blue Badge.   

If the badge holder is not present, the badge cannot be used.

For more details on the Blue Badge scheme, go to

If you have seen or heard of allegations of fraud committed against Hounslow Council, email, or call our fraud hotline on 020 8583 2111.

April 12, 2013