Community Clean Up In Hounslow

Volunteers spruce up an area which has suffered litter problems

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Youngsters joined councillors, council staff, police officers, cadets and Hounslow Highways staff this week in a community clear-up in the Kingsley Road area of Hounslow. 

The ‘clean team’ helped pick up litter in and around front gardens along Kingsley Road to spruce up an area which has long-suffered problems with litter. 

Councillor Ed Mayne, cabinet member for community safety and regulatory services, who joined the clean up this week, said: “This a fantastic example of the community coming together to make our borough a better, cleaner, tidier place to live. 

“Littering is anti-social behaviour. It’s unacceptable and we are determined, with our highways partners, to rub out rubbish in Hounslow.” 

Chief Inspector  Rob Weir of Hounslow Police, said: “It’s good to see community spirit in action. This clean up will send out a message that we all should take care of Hounslow.”

The team, which included local ward Councillors Pritam Grewal and Ajmer Grewal, picked up rubbish from residents’ front gardens, which had been thrown there by passers-by. 

Residents were given prior notice of the clean up and welcomed the activity. 

Lorna Stephens, MBE, centre manager for Hounslow Youth Centre, said: “Monday was a huge success, we all enjoyed it.  The young people really got motivated.  They were talking to the police, which is something some of them would never have done.  It really built bridges.” 

Josephine de Souza, a nearby resident, said: “Hopefully going forward, this will have a real impact on how residents maintain their properties, particularly in terms of hygiene, litter and refuse, which in turn would be good for the area and community as a whole."

June 26, 2013