Council Wants M4 Bus Lane Brought Back

Says it would help air quality on the road from Heathrow

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The deputy leader of Hounslow Council, Cllr Colin Ellar has called for the reinstatement of the M4 bus lane to help air quality.

Cllr Ellar who is also cabinet member for environment said it would also improve public transport accessibility for Heathrow which would make for a better airport.

Hounslow Council has warned the Government and the Mayor of London not to pass the cost of EU fines on air pollution to the borough. 

The warning came after the EU launched legal proceedings against the UK for failing to reduce "excessive" levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) air pollution from traffic, last month. 

If the UK fails to meet targets by next year, it could face £300m a year in fines with the possibility of the costs being passed on to local government. 

Councillor Colin Ellar, deputy leader of Hounslow and cabinet member for environment, said: “Because Hounslow is close to Heathrow and we have some of the busiest roads in Europe, including the M4, we suffer from high levels of air and noise pollution.  

“We want to make it absolutely clear that we will resist any attempts to pass the buck on these fines if the UK fails to meet the target by next year.”

Hounslow, however, did offer a solution to reducing NO2 levels in the borough.  

Cllr Ellar said: “We would also like to see the reinstatement of the M4 bus lane which should help improve air quality and public transport accessibility of Heathrow – which would make for a better airport.”  

The Government has provision to pass on fines to local councils through the Local Government Act 2011.

March 21, 2014