Using Technology To Get In Touch With Council

Hounslow is upping its use of digital contact for public access

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Hounslow Council is taking to technology to make it easier for customers to get in touch online, out and about, or in person

Some of the new online transactions on the Council’s website include applying for council tax discounts, notifications if residents are moving into or out of the borough and reporting issues such as missing bins, potholes or food safety.

The Council is also extending how it monitors and responds to issues raised on social media, routing the customer to the right service and logging their query.

For residents and visitors who want to join the war on grime crime, a litter-busting “Sort-It!” app has been launched. The web app, accessible on smartphones, allows anyone in Hounslow to report an issues such as flytipping or graffiti, and their location, straight to the Hounslow Customer Relations Team.

The app is compatible with iPhones and most recent Android phones. Simply open your mobile browser and go to

And for customers that still want to visit in person, the Council says it has improved Access Hounslow to make it easier than ever for residents to find what they need when visiting the Civic Centre.

Residents can choose to go online using self-serve terminals, use the fast track document drop-off point, use the digital library (with or without help from staff) to resolve a query, or use phones and work with staff to resolve queries in meeting areas.

Councillor Sue Sampson, cabinet member for performance and customer care said:
“Regardless of whether residents choose to visit in person, call, email or tweet, they will receive a quick and consistent response to their query.”

April 3, 2014