Call For Clamp Down On 'Litter Louts'

Conservative councillors want fines increased for offenders

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Conservative Councillors in Hounslow are supporting the Government’s latest announcement to tackle litterbugs.

Last week, the Government said it would increase the default fine to £100 with it rising to £150, if offenders do not pay up on time. Currently, the fine in Hounslow for anybody caught dropping litter is £80.

Figures obtained from Hounslow Highways showed 3144 tonnages of street cleansing waste was collected last year (excluding December). This encompasses litter, detritus and silt, litter bins and other waste either dumped or fly-tipped.

As a result, 849 Fixed Penalty Charge Notices were issued by Hounslow Highways.

Speaking on the announcement, the Leader of Hounslow Conservative Councillors, Peter Thompson said: “The decision by the Government to increase fines for littering is one we very much welcome in Hounslow. It is one of the main complaints I receive from residents and the general state of our streets, parks and highways because of people disregarding the local environment. I will be calling on the Council to support the Government and maintain our clampdown on the litter louts!”

January 8, 2016

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