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11% of people wouldn't have a relationship with someone that supported a different political party to them according to new research.

With the General Election a talking point amongst many couples of late, website MyVoucherCodes commissioned research of 1,234 people to find out if politics has an effect on relationships. The study found that politicians aren't the only ones having debates over their proposed policies.

When asked 'have you ever had an argument with your partner over politics?' just under half, 47%, admitted they had. More than 1 in 10, 11%, said they wouldn't consider dating someone who backed a different political party to them and 39% claimed they would expect their partner to vote the same way as them in this year's General Election.

Of the couples questioned in the research, one in five, 18%, said they have not told, and would not be telling their partner who they are backing in the General Election, to avoid conflict.

32% of the people who took part in the anonymous study said they planned on voting for the Conservative party in this year's General Election, whilst 29% were backing Liberal Democrats and 24% said they would give their vote to the Labour Party. The remaining respondents said they would be supporting a different party or they were undecided.

Speaking about the research, MyVoucherCodes founder Mark Pearson said; "It is clear that the MPs aren't the only people who have debates over their campaigns, as a huge number of people said they have argued with their partner over politics.

“It's very surprising to see that 1 in 10 people would point-blank refuse to date someone with differing political views to them. It’s also odd that some keep their opinions to themselves and don't share their voting decision with a partner. It definitely says a lot about the nature of politics."

April 29, 2010