Quarter of Hounslow Children Live in Poverty

Green Party urges help for struggling families


Success for Local MP in Housing Campaign

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The Green Party has expressed concern over statistics showing that one in four children in the Borough of Hounslow live below the poverty line.

Child poverty stands at 25% in Hounslow, Daniel Goldsmith, Green Party London Assembly candidate for the South West constituency, said:

“I am worried that in Hounslow one in four children are in a family which gets out of work benefits. This is well above the national average.

“The Green party would extend the Living Wage to all Londoners and build more affordable housing. These measures will really help those struggling to make ends meet.”

Green Party Mayoral candidate Jenny Jones said: “These shocking figures reflect the damaging policies of Westminster and the misplaced priorities of our Mayor. The people of London deserve better.

“Public sector cuts have taken away part of the capital’s safety net for those struggling financially and increased the strain on families struggling to stay afloat. Many of the parents of these children are in work but don’t earn enough to ensure a high standard of living.

“Boris Johnson is a banker’s Mayor who has done much to protect the interests of his wealthy friends but very little for children facing an uncertain future.

“In contrast Green Assembly Members have been behind the introduction of the London Living Wage and are now pushing for 10:1 maximum pay ratio—starting with City Hall—to help reduce excessive pay and reduce poverty across the capital.”

January 14, 2012