Mayor Using 'Smoke And Mirrors' On Fare Rises

Murad Qureshi says its above inflation increase for most

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The Mayor has been accused of "using smoke and mirrors" to mask his recent fare rises. London Assembly member Murad Qureshi said despite claims by Boris Johnson that he was effectively putting a freeze on fares, most Londoners would see above inflation increases.

Mr. Johnson announced last week that he would "freeze" bus and Tube fares "in real terms" with fares going up an average of 3.2% to help families who were "feeling the pinch". He ordered £16 million of efficiency savings.

The changes benefit pay-as-you-go Oyster users in some zones but the charge of a single bus fare with Oyster goes up 5P to £1.45 while a Weekly Travelcard for Zones 1-6 will go up by 4.3% from £55.60 to £58.

Mr. Qureshi said that since the Mayor was elected in 2008 he had increased fares above inflation every year, with single bus fares rising as much as 55%.

“Boris is using smoke and mirrors to mask his fare rises, all this from a Mayor who stated last year that he will bear down on fares. We have had five years of inflation busting fare rises under Boris, with bus fares up 55% and Tube fares up 30%. It’s disappointing that he hasn't rolled out this real term freeze across all pay as you go and travel card fares, as residents living in Zone 6 and 4 will see an increase of 4.32 and 4.13 per cent respectively in their yearly travelcard."

Residents living in Zone 6 and travelling to Zone 1 will see an increase of 4.32 per cent as their yearly travelcard rises from £2,224.00 to £2,320.00 and residents living in zone 4 and travelling to Zone 1 will see an increase of 4.13 per cent as their yearly travel card rises from £1,744.00 to £1,816.00

“Most travel cards will go up above inflation which means over half of Londoners will see an above inflation fare rise. The Mayor is on shaky ground to claim that he is freezing fares in real terms. Boris is hitting many Londoners with an effective tax on work. He must abandon TfL’s plan to raise fares above inflation for the next ten years," said Mr. Qureshi.

December 6, 2013