Murad Qureshi Calls For More Recycling

London Assembly member says we should all do our bit

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Murad Qureshi AM has called upon Londoners to remember to recycle in the post-Christmas period. He has written the following letter to readers:

As the nation and your readers return to work, take down their Christmas decorations and clear out after the festive period it’s important to remember our duty to recycle.

Too much of our waste still goes to landfill with not nearly enough recycled.

In London on Boris Johnson’s watch we are way behind the rest of the country, as London Councils reported in November we only recycle 30% of our waste – putting us behind cities like Bristol, Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds.

We must all do our bit to recycle more and help protect the environment. But we also desperately need firm political leadership, this has been completely lacking under our Mayor in London and he must do better. It is possible to drive up recycling rates and Boris should be making sure we do not fall further behind.

We often hear criticism of London from some quarters and on recycling I’m ashamed to say we do fall too far behind the rest of the country. So while we are all clearing out our Christmas rubbish we  must recycle as much as possible, but it is incumbent on the people with power – like our Mayor  -to use their position to drive up recycling rates and protect our environment. Other cities across Europe like Berlin manage recycling rates of 41% - so why not here as well.


January 3, 2014