The Cabin Grill Wagyu Festival

Come along and enjoy our delicious Wagyu beef dishes this month

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The Cabin Steak & Seafood Grill
148 Chiswick High Road, W4 1PR
020 8994 8594,,

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Wagyu translates into Japanese cattle - 'wa' means 'Japanese' and 'gyu' means 'cattle'.

Wagyu herds have lived a charmed life! The herds are fed on a diet of grains, racehorse grass and hay, supplemented with beer. The cattle have regular massages, which is believed to improve the quality of the meat by increasing the fat marbling. This gives the beef a wonderful texture and extraordinary succulence for which Wagyu is renowned. Enjoy!

Choose from:

Wagyu steak

Both steaks come with a roasted tomato and Portobello mushroom and a choice of chunky chips, fries, creamy mash potato or mixed salad.
Sirloin 7oz - £23.00
Rib-eye 8oz - £21.00

Wagyu & Lobster/Tiger Prawn Deluxe

Choose your steak & add flamed tiger prawns £5.90 or 1/2 lobster £12.50 served with Bearnaise sauce.

Wagyu Burger

The Wagyu beef burger home-made, tomato relish & fries £14.50

Wagyu steak Tartare

Finely chopped Wagyu steak, seasoned and topped with a raw quails egg, served with toast £8.50

The Cabin Grill - for all Steak and Seafood lovers...


5 October, 2011