Clare Challice Wild Art Exhibition At Riverside Studios

Wonderful exhibition celebrating the beauty in wildlife


Wild Art will be exhibited 15 March - 5 April at the Riverside Studios.

A Round-Heeled Woman Review

Riverside Studios

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Inspired by her passion for the natural world, Clare Challice focuses on the beauty she sees in the wildlife around her.

Her individual approach to watercolour painting builds on a wet-on-wet technique, exploring the controlled unpredictability of pigments as they merge in multiple layers of wet washes.

Clare has a degree in Graphic Design with Illustration and has worked professionally for over fifteen years within this field. There is consequently a strong illustrative influence within her paintings.

Based in the South West of England, Clare is currently working on a new exhibition for 2013, themed endangered: art inspired by local and global conservation issues. This exhibition will aim to raise awareness and funds for Bristol Zoo’s field conservation projects.

When not designing or painting, Clare enjoys being outdoors and exploring the countryside
trying to spot elusive hares, otters, foxes and deer.

Riverside Studios is at Crisp Road, Hammersmith. Meals are available daily in the Riverside Bar and Kitchen and the Film Cafe.


March 1, 2012