Newsletter Readership Reaches New Milestone

Now 19,000 subscribers to the weekly email news update for W4 Newsletter Readership Reaches New Milestone

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This week the 19,000th subscriber signed up to receive the weekly newsletter. Now in its sixteenth year, the email news update is believed to have more subscribers than any of its kind in Europe.

The newsletter and as a whole exists because of the support of local businesses, predominantly small and medium sized, who pay to advertise. Some of those advertisers have been using the site for over a decade. If you enjoy receiving the newsletter and see the advert of a local business be sure to thank them for making it possible.

The editorial side of is led by Anne Flaherty and the aim is to produce a significant number of original and exclusive stories each week for the newsletter. Many of the best stories are held back to be published in the newsletter first so subscribers will get to hear local news first. It is a two way street – most of the best stories come to us through subscribers to the newsletter who share information, concerns, photos, videos and keep us up to date with local events. The newsletter is as good as it is because it is a collective effort by the local community. Local news publishers across much of the rest of the country are struggling and it is indisputable that the ongoing success of is down to backing from local businesses and residents who love the area.

The newsletter is sent out early on Sunday morning. Originally this was because the dispatch of so many newsletters slowed down the site a time when it was less busy was chosen. Recently the method of sending the newsletter was upgraded to use cloud based technology which leaves the site in general unaffected but feedback from users seems to indicate that readers would like to continue with the newsletter being sent out on Sunday morning.

Three quarters of the people who receive the newsletter have a W4 post code and 85% of recipients live in W4 or an adjacent post code. Analysis suggests that around half of the approximately 20,000 households in W4 have at least one member who receives the newsletter. This makes it ideal for any promotion aimed at the local community. If you are organising a non-profit event in W4 we will be happy to help advertise it for free as long as you are not paying to advertise elsewhere. If you are a local business wanting to reach the people of Chiswick you can list for free in our directory and if you want to advertise in the newsletter contact Penny at or on 07738 198 960.

August 23, 2016

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