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Now lockdown is easing, now is the time to promote your business

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Swans on Strand on the Green. Picture: Ian Wylie

With the Prime Minister's February announcement about the proposed timetable to exit from lockdown, we can at last emerge blinking from our enforced hibernations and look forward to a more positive future.

Here at, we have been working throughout the lockdowns, providing vital information and a much-needed resource in the time of crisis. Many new readers joined our sites at the start of 2020 and have stayed to receive our independant and regular news.

And as our readers supported our site, we in turn supported our fellow local businesses by offering free advertising on our forums.

One positive that emerged during the pandemic was the recognition that these small, local businesses could often fill the gaps the larger organisations weren't flexible enough to adapt to in the required timescales. No delivery slots available from the supermarket? Your small shops stepped up to the mark and started selling flour rather than cakes, milk rather than lattes and then jumping into their vans and bringing it to you!

So as the days get lighter and the mood gets brighter, now is the time to cement these new relationships between customers and local business and here is where can help.

With our variety of advertising packages to suit all requirements and budgets, we are the best way local businesses can get the word out. In January alone, had over 65,000 unique users making over 200,000 visits to the site. And the weekly newsletter goes to 20,000 readers.

So if you are a hairdresser and want to get your appointment book filled up or a local restaurant re-opening your outdoor space, why not get in touch with us and discuss the various advertising options open to you.

Give us a call on 020 8994 7888 or email We will be happy to talk to you.

See you soon!

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