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ChiswickW4.com Newsletter Readership Reaches New Milestone

Why would you want to live anywhere other than Chiswick? Picture: Ian Wylie


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ChiswickW4.com has been in operation since 2000 and has continued to survive and thrive in what has otherwise been an incredibly difficult time for local media.

This has been possible for two main reasons. Firstly, the many local businesses who advertise on this site a good number of whom have done so for over a decade. Secondly, the support from our readers who are the main source of most of the stories we publish each week.

Reading ChiswickW4.com has always been free and it is our intention that it always will be. We don’t ask for donations. People ‘pay’ for using the site by viewing ads which we hope are unobtrusive compare to those in other online media. They are also generally from local small and medium sized businesses.

The best thing that you can do as a reader to further support ChiswickW4.com is to use the services of our advertisers and tell them where you saw them advertising. Thank them for helping provide a service that you value.

The next best thing you can do is tell a local business who doesn’t advertise with us that you believe it would help their business to do so. Three quarters of the people who receive the newsletter have a W4 post code and 85% of recipients live in W4 or an adjacent post code. Analysis suggests that over half of the approximately 20,000 households in W4 have at least one member who receives the newsletter.

The site’s membership and subscriptions to our weekly newsletter continue to grow. Over 19,000 people now receive the ChiswickW4.com newsletter each Sunday. If you think it adds value to your life ask your neighbour do they subscribe and if not recommend that they do so.

However, the growth in subscriptions has slowed recently due to more people accessing the site’s content through social media. We are happy that people read our site whichever way they come to it but our preference would be that they visit direct and subscribe to the newsletter. This way we need to share less of our revenue with multinational companies some of whom pay less tax than we do!

We are increasingly hearing people say they don’t subscribe to our newsletter because they can access our stories on Facebook and Twitter. We recognise that this is the way many people now prefer to access their news and will continue to publish our stories on these platforms. However, as well as negatively impacting our revenue reading our content through social media alone means that you will get slower access to some of our best stories which we hold back to publish first in the newsletter before publishing on social media later. Also we don’t publish all our content on social media.

If you do use social media to access our stories please do share and retweet them. We do notice when you do this and we are grateful.

If you are a local business wanting to reach the people of Chiswick you can list for free in our directory and if you want to advertise in the newsletter contact Penny at info@neighbournet.com or on 07738 198 960.

June 18, 2017

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