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Although it is already Europe's biggest on-line local community web site, is still growing at a rapid rate.

Last week saw another significant milestone not just passed but left behind in the distance. For the first time over 5,000 people visited the site in a single day on Monday 10th October. In fact by the end of the day there had been over 5,526 visits to the site.

The increase in traffic is attributable to several reasons including a promotion to persuade existing members not taking the newsletter to sign up. This was very successful and made the week the best ever for new subscribers - there are now over 6500 people receiving the newsletter.

Investment has been made to increase the editorial resources of the group which has increased the amount of original content published on the site significantly. This has meant that it is often impractical to publish everything on the front page of the site, making the newsletter the way to guarantee that you keep in touch with all that is going on locally. As new content is added to the site daily it is very easy to miss items that might be of interest to you but they are all available on the newsletter. Many of the more popular stories are published in the newsletter before they appear on the site.

The extra traffic has meant that at times the number of visitors on the site is reaching capacity and you may have found it difficult to access the site at peak periods. This has now been resolved and the capacity of the site has been increased by more than three times.

The growth continues the strong performance seen in September when, for the first time over 100,000 visits were made to the site. The final number was 104,842 but this is likely to be surpassed in October. The ambitious target for the whole of 2005 is to reach 1,000,000 visits for the year.

Extra investment in site capacity and editorial resources has been made possible by the increased number of local businesses using the site to promote their services. The newsletter and the site comes to you free because of our advertisers so do remember to mention that you have seen them featured on this site. If you use any local business that has chosen to promote themselves elsewhere tell them you are a regular user of, the largest media of any kind for the Chiswick area.

October 14, 2005