History of St Michael's - A New Parish

Map 1912

By the beginning of the twentieth century. the population had grown enough to justify the formation of a new Church of England Parish. And by an Ecclesiastical Order in July 1906 the new parish of St Michaels Sutton Court was brought into existence. It was formed from parts of the Parishes of St Nicholas and Christ Church, Turnham Green.

The Vicar of St Nicholas was very gracious about the loss of part of his parish, though he did remark wistfully,

"It means cutting off a great part of the parish where several people are of a much more prominent social standing than in much of the parish that will be left to us."

It was decided by the Bishop of Kensington to locate the new Church in the grounds of Little Sutton, just on the site of the fishpond we saw earlier in a new road called Elmwood Road. Because of the fishpond the original Hall had to be built on steel piers embedded in concrete, rather than the usual brickwork. Despite this it only took 7 weeks to build. Ninety years later, the builders of the new Centre also found it necessary to drive in particularly deep piles.

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