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St Michael's Sutton Court is an interesting Arts and Crafts building designed by W.D.Caroe, which will be celebrating its Centenary towards the end of 2008. The origins of the organ go back to the mid nineteenth-century when John Gray built an organ for St Michael's, Burleigh Street, WC2. Changing circumstances meant that the church was closed and much of the furniture was included in the present church when it was built in 1908. One of these items was the pipe organ which was rebuilt and enlarged by F.H. Browne of Canterbury in 1924 and which now needs considerable renovation and restoration. The organ has three manuals and tubular pneumatic action and has given good service. Today the leather parts of the action need replacement, as some have perished with age. Some pipes do not speak and need replacing. Modern heating means that some of the timber has shrunk, and in winter some notes do not play. The tubular pneumatic action will be converted to electricity; the electric blower, which has no sound insulation is over large for the instrument and excessively noisy, will be replaced by a smaller, modern blower and some of the missing pipes will be installed, making the instrument more attractive to musicians.

The organ supports the singing of the St Michael's Choir.

The work is estimated to cost about 50,000. We have made a good start, and have already raised nearly a quarter of this sum. Part of the remainder will, we hope, come from grants and other funds, but a substantial amount still needs to be raised by the end of 2007.

People have already given generously but, if you haven't yet done so and would like to help, please complete the donation form and send it to Caroline Gill, 61 St Mary's Grove, London W4 3LW.

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