New Weight Loss Challenge starts in Chiswick in January

New Year, New You for only 39 pounds!


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Starts 11th & 13th January in Chiswick

12-week course only £39

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What is the Weight Loss Challenge?

Wondering how you're going to fit into those new clothes in your wardrobe? Now you can discover a fun way to do just that - and manage your weight - in just 12 weeks, through support from your own personal coach, nutritional advice for long term weight management, opportunities to meet like-minded people every week and inspiration in a fun environment, achieving healthy results.

Join the Weight Loss Challenge to gain the knowledge and confidence to achieve healthy lasting weight loss, well beyond the course framework of 12 weeks.

You could even win a cash prize if you are one of the top achievers on your course!

Why the Weight Loss Challenge works.

One of the biggest challenges in managing your weight is getting motivated and staying that way. The Weight Loss Challenge is a fun and inspiring way to achieving your weight loss goals. At the weekly meetings, you’ll meet people ranging from first-timers to those who have participated in multiple Challenges. Through sharing mutual goals, you’ll help to motivate each other to achieve your weight loss you desire.

What happens during the Weight Loss Challenge?

Before your Weight Loss Challenge starts, you will have a personal appointment with me to understand your personal needs and goals. We may also carry out a preliminary Wellness Evaluation and there will also be follow up consultations to help you stay on track.

Over the course of 12 weekly one-hour meetings you'll learn everything you need to know to lose weight and keep it off. Each meeting will focus on a different aspect of weight loss and you’ll have the support of your coach to guide and motivate you to succeed. Meetings offer an opportunity to get expert advice, share helpful information - or just listen and gain support from other people in the challenge.

What have you got to lose - apart from weight?

Weight loss Challenge winners can earn pounds for losing pounds

Weight Loss Challenge Weekly Topics

Week 1: Protein
Week 2: Meal Planning & Snacking
Week 3: Energy & Metabolism
Week 4: Carbohydrates
Week 5: Nutrition Labels
Week 6: Digestive Health
Week 7: Dining Out
Week 8: Fibre
Week 9: Sugar
Week 10: Exercise
Week 11: Heart Health
Week 12: Long Term Wellness

Weight Loss Challenge Facts

1. Meetings are for men and women
2. Herbalife coaches have lost weight through the Challenge
3. Meetings are fun and dynamic.
4. You don’t have to talk if you don’t want to
5. Challenges are group-based and fun
6. Weigh-ins are always confidential
7. The one-off cost is to join the Challenge - purchase of products is not necessary
8. Top achievers get cash prizes
9. You get tips on healthy, delicious meal plans and good nutrition
10. The Challenge only takes a little time each week



December 30, 2011