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12 Turnham Green Terrace
London W4 1QP
Note - entrance to the studio is at the back of the building.

Contact us on 020 8996 0401 or

Do you want to make lasting changes to your body and exercise regime that you never thought possible? Try barrecore! Recently opened on Turnham Green Terrace, our brand new studio is set across three floors and boasts a large studio room and Private Training room, along with showers and changing facilities.

Founded by celebrity trainer, Niki Rein, barrecore is intelligent exercise and will get you the results you want. Our extremely popular method has been known to create changes in clients’ bodies in as little as four sessions. Using the ballet barre to perform small isometric movements and your own body weight for resistance, we perform movements at high repetition to overload the muscle to the point of exhaustion. We then stretch out the muscles for relief and lengthening which creates the long, lean dancer’s body our results are famous for!

From our signature barrecoreMIXED classes to barrecoreFOUNDATIONS and HIITcore which combines High Intensity Interval Training with traditional barrecore moves, we can provide you with an incredible fat-burning programme that will draw in your waist, lift your seat, lengthen your legs, tone your arms and make you stand taller.

Prepare to quiver and shake as you use muscles you didn’t knew you had!

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January 2, 2015