Biometrics: lose your keys - deliberately!

New biometrics business opens - fingerprint technology for access

It seems the latest ‘Must Have’ lifestyle accessories come at us thick and fast, but does a Blackberry or a Phillipe Stark chair really make our life simpler or better?

The latest addition to the smartest homes and businesses claims to do just that, by finally ridding us of one of the heaviest and most valuable possessions found in every handbag or pocket: our keys.

UK Biometrics, Britain’s leading provider of fingerprint entry and time & attendance solutions has recently opened an office in Chiswick to serve North and West London.

Regional Director Joy Phillips has moved to the biometrics sector after enjoying a successful career in IT solution sales.

The word ‘biometrics’ is derived from two Greek words, bios meaning "life", and metron meaning "to measure". In short, biometrics is the science of automated methods for recognising people based upon physical characteristics.

Their biometric locks operate in exactly the same way as a conventional lock except your fingerprint is the only key you will ever need. Police from Community Police Officers to senior ranks have been quick to commend biometrics. Chief Superintendent Chris Matchell said “I think it is an absolutely brilliant idea”.

Fingerprints can be scanned onto the system in seconds, and deleted as easily. This means visitors or guests can have access when needed, then be deleted when not. At last, an end to worrying where spare keys might get to, and an end to expensive replacements if keys get lost. And no need to worry about Swipe Cards, Fobs and Pin Nos which can be easily lost, stolen or duplicated.

No actual fingerprint is stored on the system and a fingerprint cannot be reconstructed from the data held. UK Biometrics systems scan the fingerprint, recognising between twenty and seventy minutiae points, which are converted into data. This data is then subject to military level encryption and stored.

But clever technology and an easy life are not the only advantages to biometric systems. This James Bond technology definitely has the ‘Wow’ factor.

UK Biometrics Director Joy Phillips explains:

“Our locks are increasingly being specified on high value homes, children’s nurseries and businesses. The feedback we get is fantastic. People can forget heavy bunches of keys and worries over security, but it is what we call the ‘gadget effect’ that is funny. Our customers complain that initially they have to drag staff and guests away from the door because they are playing with our locks”.

The new locks may be a party piece but they are taking the world of design and architecture by storm. Britain’s leading home builder Persimmon Homes is specifying UK Biometric locks on some of its top developments and architects see the technology as adding the finishing touch to high spec developments.

UK Biometrics Director Joy Phillips says:

“The future for biometrics in North and West London is tremendously exciting. We are talking to home owners, developers and architects in addition to businesses and public sector organisations who can see the benefit of ‘No more keys’. Biometrics has not changed basic security practice, we still use robust five lever locks. What it has done is freed us from the hassle of carrying big bunches of keys and for businesses with swipe cards and Pin numbers, provided the one key that can never be lost, stolen, hacked or copied. Our own unique fingerprint."



For more information, call Joy Phillips on 0208 630 7210

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October 17, 2007