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Buttercups Day Nursery Homefields,
Buttercups Lodge,
Homefields Recreation Ground,
Chiswick Lane,
London W4 2AT
020 8840 4838


Childhood memories of playing outside, exploring, creating and making friends, are hard to forget. This is why children thrive at Buttercups nursery, Homefields, with our enormous garden and child sized forest.

The nursery is set in the heart of Chiswick, yet the children could be deep in the countryside. The Lodge has a large garden and forest area, all of which is nestled within Homefields Recreation Ground.

The large free-flow playroom gives children lots of space to explore and play. It opens onto our large garden filled with equipment to promote their development and nurture their curiosity.

Our separate baby rooms give the youngest ones sensory equipment to explore and a separate, quiet sleep room.

Forest School

Buttercups Homefields is the only Chiswick nursery to run a full Forest School within the safe confines of the nursery grounds.

Qualified Leaders

Our team of Qualified Forest School Leaders take the children on a voyage of discovery. Hands-on activities such as den building, digging and baking in the mud kitchen help children develop confidence and social skills. Forest School Leaders introduce the children to the plants, wildlife and mini-beasts around them, developing inquisitiveness and appreciation for the natural world.

Safe and Secure

Unlike many other Forest Schools, ours is located within our nursery grounds. The boundaries are hidden by bushes and foliage, keeping the children safe whilst providing natural dens for them to explore. Our leaders are trained in first aid, have an enhanced DBS check and follow our Child Protection policy.

Why Choose a Nursery with an Outdoor Focus?  

  • Research shows that children are stimulated by the outdoors;
  • The child-centred environment gives children greater freedom to explore;
  • Physical development climbing, balancing and crawling through bushes encourages better development of gross and fine motor skills creating a more balanced and fitter child;
  • Active learning builds inquisitiveness and curiosity about the world around them;
  • Managed risk children make their own decisions helping to produce more confident individuals;
  • A respect for the natural world and a love of nature;
  • Plenty of fresh air!

Whether your child spends all day in Forest School or blends it with time indoors, they will enjoy hearty meals and fun extended learning, all within the secure grounds.

Join before end of January 2018 and get 15% off childcare fees for three months


November 8, 2017

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